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In 1945, Pierre Balmain established his namesake Parisian couture house. While back in the day Balmain could be found gracing strong celebrity figures such as Grace Kelly and Katherine Hepburn, today we see celebrities like the Kardashians, Rihanna, and Gigi Hadid leading the Balmain army with Creative Director Olivier Rousteing at the helm. Throughout the years, Balmain has continuously produced sophisticated, luxe pieces that embolden women with accentuated curves, sharp lines and blunt shoulders. Men’s Balmain styles take on a more heroic look—from tailored pieces mixed with the more rugged biker jeans and jackets, mid-top sneakers, and graphic tees. Balmain is for the unstoppable male and female with fierce energy. Discover women’s and men’s Balmain hoodies, shoes, bags, clothing and more fashion items in Buyma’s online Balmain store.

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While in school, Pierre Balmain spent most of his time designing lavish dresses, which were the designer’s staple pieces since the brand’s establishment. Balmain’s time in the French army and air force in the 1930s influenced the early style of his designs and his work was essential when revolutionizing French fashion in the post-war era. Dating back to 1945, Balmain has become known for its luxurious, opulent evening wear, worn by countless celebrities. Today, the French fashion house has become more than just evening wear couture, with edgy collections of men's Balmain hoodies, denim, t-shirt and more streetwear essentials. With Balmain’s evolving fashion-forward styles, the brand’s focus has shifted to include ultra-popular men's Balmain hoodies and more streetwear styles.

For some historical context, Oscar de la Renta joined Balmain in 1993 as Creative Director after Pierre Balmain’s death in 1981. Ten year later, Christopher Decarnin took over the label and with his love of flashy clothes, completely overhauled the traditional Balmain style. Oliver Rousteing joined the Balmain team in 2009 and can be credited with modernising the label. Currently, Balmain has grown to be an iconic brand name with thousands of items ranging from Balmain hoodies, bags, shoes, clothing and more fashion items, all of which you can find in Buyma’s online Balmain store. Find your next obsession from our collection of Balmain hoodies and other fashionable clothing, bags and more exclusive fashion items in Buyma’s online Balmain store with thousands of women’s and men’s Balmain pieces to browse.

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