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Jimmy Choo was born into a family of shoemakers in Malaysia in 1961. It was only natural that when Choo moved to London to make custom handmade shoes, his work would impress British Vogue accessory editor, Tamara Mellon, so much so that she'd decide to go into business with him. Together they launched Jimmy Choo Ltd. in 1996. Jimmy Choo's use of materials like crystals and feathers mixed with highly skilled craftsmanship and his keen sense of elegance brings him into the spotlight as the ‘it’ shoe designer, loved by celebrities and distinguished names around the globe. And now women’s and men’s Jimmy Choo bags and eyewear can be enjoyed along with the iconic shoes. Jimmy Choo collections—such as Star-Studded footwear—are in such high demand that often Jimmy Choo stores worldwide are sold out. Discover women’s and men’s Jimmy Choo shoes, clothing, bags and more items in Buyma’s online Jimmy Choo store.

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Casual Style Plain Leather Party Style Office Style
Jimmy Choo
$11,975 HKD
$8,556 HKD
28% off
Jimmy Choo
$4,193 HKD
$2,853 HKD
31% off
LOVE 100
Jimmy Choo
$6,292 HKD
$5,203 HKD
17% off
Plain Leather Folding Wallet Small Wallet Logo
Jimmy Choo
$2,941 HKD
$2,623 HKD
10% off
Unisex Leather Python Logo Long Wallets
Jimmy Choo
$5,498 HKD
$2,558 HKD
53% off
Oversized Cyber Monday Flash SALE Mothers Bags
Jimmy Choo
$8,070 HKD
$4,132 HKD
48% off
Unisex Leather Python Logo Cyber Monday Flash SALE
Jimmy Choo
$6,725 HKD
$3,011 HKD
55% off
Jimmy Choo
$9,927 HKD
Open Toe Rubber Sole Plain Sandals
Jimmy Choo
$3,937 HKD
$3,012 HKD
23% off
Jimmy Choo
$7,578 HKD
$5,413 HKD
28% off
Jimmy Choo
$2,968 HKD
Jimmy Choo
$12,138 HKD
$5,859 HKD
51% off
Jimmy Choo
$10,189 HKD
$6,527 HKD
35% off
Jimmy Choo
$5,787 HKD
$4,100 HKD
29% off
Casual Style Canvas Studded A4 Plain Elegant Style Logo
Jimmy Choo
$3,983 HKD
$2,841 HKD
28% off

Founded in 1996 by Jimmy Choo and British Vogue accessory editor, Tamara Mellon, luxury brand Jimmy Choo was first known for their classic shoe designs before crafting clothing and additional popular fashion items. Renowned for its quality craftsmanship, Jimmy Choo became a status of women’s luxury after being featured heavily on the show ‘Sex and the City’ in the late 1990s. After gaining popularity in the luxury fashion space, Jimmy Choo launched a menswear collection just 3 years after launching in 1999, so that men could enjoy their iconic designs as well. Today, women and men all over the world are drawn to Jimmy Choo shoes, clothing, and accessories for their trendy, yet classic designs. Find your next staple Jimmy Choo shoes, clothing and other fashion pieces in Buyma’s online Jimmy Choo store with thousands of women’s and men’s Jimmy Choo pieces to choose from.

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