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Founded in 1952 by two French mountaineers, Moncler went from producing sleeping bags for the high altitudes of mountainous living, to becoming the official sponsor for the 1968 Grenoble Winter Olympics’ French ski team, to what it is today. After years and years, Moncler captures the essence of traditional craft and a legacy that extends further than the bounds of its quilted seams. The luxurious brand is not afraid of innovation or of testing the limits of its audience. Impermeable to cold, a mixture of innovative technologies, unmistakably high-class designs, unique patterns, slimming fits, and a whole host of posh collaborations -- such as with Rimowa, White Mountaineering, Mastermind Japan, Visvim, Mykita, Leica, Mary Katrantzou, New Era, Ami, Pharrell Williams, and Thom Browne -- brings Moncler into the forefront of high-end winter fashion. Remo Ruffini, CEO and Creative Director, has taken the French-Italian sportswear label to the next level, never foregoing its fine quality or air of luxury. Moncler is what protection and warmth look like disguised as chic. With thousands of women’s and men’s Moncler items from Moncler jackets, accessories, clothing, shoes, and bags, Buyma’s online Moncler store features an exclusive collection of luxurious Moncler items.

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Street Style Plain Logo Biker Jackets
$7,418 HKD
$6,187 HKD
16% off
Nylon Street Style Plain Logo Jackets
$11,460 HKD
$8,820 HKD
23% off
Short Nylon Street Style Plain Logo Down Jackets
$19,141 HKD
$17,089 HKD
10% off
Kita Jacquard Down Vest
$12,991 HKD
$11,148 HKD
14% off
Down Jackets
$15,909 HKD
Unisex Nylon Plain Logo Down Jackets
$10,542 HKD
$7,730 HKD
26% off
Down Jackets
$38,128 HKD
Nylon Plain Jackets
$6,107 HKD
$5,378 HKD
11% off
Nylon Long Elegant Style Coats
$8,459 HKD
$6,162 HKD
27% off
Outlet Messenger & Shoulder Bags
$5,752 HKD
$4,343 HKD
24% off
Kids Girl Outerwear
$4,931 HKD
$2,836 HKD
42% off
Nylon Long Elegant Style Trench Coats
$10,346 HKD
$7,742 HKD
25% off
Trench Coats
$7,669 HKD
Cluny Long Down Jacket
$19,986 HKD
$14,804 HKD
25% off
Down Jackets
$15,576 HKD
Plain Ponchos & Capes
$5,948 HKD
Suyen Long Down Jacket
$13,806 HKD
$10,223 HKD
25% off

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Founded in 1952 and relaunched in 2003, Moncler started as a modest mountain gear company with tents, sleeping bags and similar items. Now, over 70 years later, the brand has evolved into much more than that -- with luxurious women’s and men’s Moncler jackets, coats, accessories, bags, shoes and more. With sophisticated styles and pieces of the highest quality, our selection of Moncler jackets, coats and more has you covered to keep you looking fashionable and staying warm during the colder months.

Whether you’re stocking up on winter essentials or need a few signature pieces, our online Moncler store has the best selection of women’s and men’s Moncler jackets and coats to elevate your looks in the cold weather. Moncler’s luxurious clothing, accessories, shoes & more combine fashion and function that will help you brave the cold, whether on the slopes or in the city. Discover women’s and men’s Moncler jackets, clothing, accessories and more to see why the brand has a cult-like following for their contemporary garments and other items.

Buyma’s online Moncler store has everything you could possibly desire when it comes to fashionable pieces for the winter, with thousands of luxurious items for both men and women like Moncler jackets, Moncler shoes, Moncler accessories, and more winter staples. Explore Buyma’s exclusive selection of featured women’s and men’s Moncler items, including winter jackets and coats, bags, accessories and clothing in our online Moncler store. Shop women’s and men’s Moncler pieces today to find your next obsession.

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