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Form-fitting cuts, exaggerated detailing and bold prints; the moment the name Versace rolls off the tongue, the succulent flavor of ornate Italian glamour and sexiness can be tasted. Following its foundation in 1978, Versace quickly gained a reputation for its fearless aesthetics, visually enticing advertising campaigns and costume designs (such as for Elton John’s 1992 World Tour). The brand flaunts an attractive long list of celebrity clientele like Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Kidman, Claudia Schiffer, and Penelope Cruz, and creative collaborations with the likes of H&M, Lil Buck, Julian Schnabel and Marc Quinn. After the unfortunate death of Gianni Versace in 1997, his sister (and muse) Donatella assumed the role of Creative Director and has since carried on the rock ’n’ roll-meets-high-art spirit of the brand. Shop Buyma’s large selection of women’s and men’s Versace shoes, bags, belts and more in Buyma’s online shop.

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Crew Neck Unisex Long Sleeves Plain Cotton
$1,207 HKD
$1,013 HKD
16% off
Street Style Logo Boxer Briefs
$1,527 HKD
$1,196 HKD
21% off
Shoulder Bags
$2,179 HKD
$1,316 HKD
39% off
Unisex Street Style Logo Necklaces & Chokers
$7,514 HKD
$5,547 HKD
26% off
$13,346 HKD
$7,062 HKD
47% off
Street Style Plain Cotton Logo Boxer Briefs
$1,087 HKD
$967 HKD
11% off
Unisex Caps
$4,535 HKD
$2,173 HKD
52% off
Logo Swimwear
$3,546 HKD
$2,047 HKD
42% off
$9,166 HKD
$3,266 HKD
64% off
$9,621 HKD
$4,135 HKD
57% off
Unisex Street Style Plain Leather Metal Bridal Logo
$2,295 HKD
$1,373 HKD
40% off
Down Jackets
$23,949 HKD
$8,278 HKD
65% off
Unisex Street Style Chain Metal Logo Bracelets
$7,502 HKD
$3,877 HKD
48% off
Luxury Hoodies
$7,490 HKD
$3,592 HKD
52% off
Shower Shoes Sandals
$3,562 HKD
$1,813 HKD
49% off
Street Style Plain Logo Boxer Briefs
$1,150 HKD
$1,018 HKD
11% off

Versace was established by Gianni Versace in 1978 in Milan, Italy. Versace rose to stardom instantly with his designer clothing and costumes for theater and film actors that broke boundaries. In 1989 Versace broke into Haute Couture with its new “Golden Era” of outfits. In 1993, Versace’s well-known Medusa logo was created based on the myth that anyone would fall hopelessly in love with her. Versace hoped that people would respond to his clothing in the same manner. Today Versace’s logo dawns as one of the most recognizable brands in luxury fashion. Since its conception, Versace has made waves with its statement designs spanning from jewelry to fragrances to accessories. Discover Versace’s iconic fashion pieces such as Versace dresses, belts, watches, and more.

Buyma’s online Versace store has everything you need when it comes to high-end fashionable pieces with thousands of luxurious items for men and women like Versace backpacks, purses, rings and more. Explore Buyma’s exclusive selection of featured women’s and men’s Versace items, including Versace wallets, shirts, and bracelets in our online Versace store. Shop women’s and men’s Versace pieces today to find your next obsession.

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