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Zumba is not your traditional stuffy gym workout class. In 1990, Colombian choreographer Alberto Perez created his dance fitness program Zumba, which quickly took the world by storm. Combining popular dance/music styles like samba, reggaeton, and hip-hop with aerobics, Zumba classes lean more towards the family of ‘dance parties’ than ‘gym workouts’. It’s about having fun, and getting a workout while you're at it. So it’s only expected that this non-conventional workout would result in a line of merchandise full of bright colors and funky loud graphics… Pink… yellow… orange… lime on purple! Zumba clothing is loved by all who enjoy the Zumba fitness movement. It shows off your body’s figure beautifully, while not constricting motion in the least, and it completely embodies the spirited enthusiasm of Zumba dance. Also works excellently for yoga wear!

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